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Shared Measurement Platforms

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Breakthrough 1: Shared Measurement Platforms




 Name & Description


Example Users




Tools and Resources for Assessing Social Impact (TRASI): A free searchable online database of over 160 tools, methods, and best practices for evaluating the outcomes and impact of nonprofits and social enterprises. http://trasi.foundationcenter.org Also includes a Community page with videos, tweets, forums, and reports on impact assessment.

§      Over 200 Community members, including experts in the field of philanthropy

§      Audiences include: foundations, nonprofits, academics, consultants, and social investors.


§     Time in Development: 2009- 2011 (~2 years)

§    Developed/maintained by: the Foundation Center in partnership with McKinsey & Co.

§    Annual Cost to Users:       



Success Measures Data System: A comprehensive, web-based evaluation module that includes a pool of field-specific indicators, a set of data collection tools, a reporting function, and web-based data storage. Also offers technical assistance. 


§      More than 200 active subscribers, including:

-    NeighborWorks®  America

-    Wachovia Regional

-    Foundation

-    F.B. Heron Foundation

    - Habitat for Humanity International

§     Time in Development: 5 years (1999 – 2004)

§     Cost to Develop: ~$1M

Annual Cost to Users: $2500 for web-based services; $7500 – $9500 for one-time coaching and training


Center for What Works/Urban

Institute Indicators Project: Offers 14 sets of field-specific outcomes and data collection strategies and sources

(downloadable as PDFs). Also provides a taxonomy of nonprofit outcomes.


/outcomeindicators.cfm &


§      Relevant to approximately 85% of the social sector

§      Website logs more than 1000 visits per month to online reports

§    Time in Development: 2 years  (2004 – 2006)

§    Cost to Develop: $350K 

Annual Cost to Users: Free (available online)


Monitoring & Evaluation Reporting & Integration Tool (MERIT) from NPOKI: A web-based performance monitoring system that enables nonprofits, governments, and funders in the field of global health to record and analyze data using a common set of indicators and outcome reporting formats. Also offers a reporting function.


§      International AIDS Vaccine  Initiative (IAVI)

§      Management Sciences for Health (MSH)

§    David and Lucile Packard Foundation (partial funders)


§ Annual Cost to Users: $3475 to participate in beta testing


Great Nonprofits: A consumer review website that allows people to write, post, and search reviews of nonprofits. (Reviewers must complete a standardized form.)


§  Anyone can list and/or review any registered nonprofit in the United States        



§      Annual Cost to Users: Free


Making Connections Initiative at Annie E. Casey Foundation (AECF): Requires grantees to track progress against a specific set of indicators, but allows flexibility in use of data collection tools.

AECF has made these tools available to the field through the National Survey Indicators Database.





§      Making Connections grantees

§   Others are also invited to use the survey tools

§      Annual Cost to Users: Free to view online survey indicators database 



Outcomes Lab: An effort to develop a flexible online “social impact database” for the nonprofit sector. Would allow

users to contribute data using any metric, methodology, or approach. 



§    Currently in development by New Philanthropy Capital, Urban Institute, and Social Solutions     

§     Time in Development: Currently in early stages, focusing on three pilot areas: carbon reduction, repeat offenders,  and education reform

SROI 360: an implementation of SVT's Manage to Impact toolkit to the public health sector, in collaboration with the Nemours Foundation and Social Enterprise Associates. Purpose is to track progress toward shared impact goals by a collaborative group of nonprofit and for-profit organizations within a county, who are together working to end childhood obesity.
a chapter of Boys & Girls Club, a poultry processing and distribution company, a school district, and an early childhood education program within a community college, in partnership with Nemours.
Time in Development currently halfway through second year of implementation with the pilot group of users.


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