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Practice Room

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This page is for your practice. Feel free to practice what you have learned from the “how to work with wiki” page here. You may add/change content in the chart or add a new row and write new information. When you feel acquainted with the wiki environment, go to the charts pages and add the relevant information.


Name & Description

Example Users



Strive: Large-scale collaborative in Greater Cincinnati with aligned goals and strategies to address education from cradle through to career. Engaged in structured process that builds capacity.

§      More than 300 education related organizations, including school districts, universities, nonprofits, and funders

§      Time in development:

§      Cost to develop: $750K

§      Annual cost to users: Free, but requires time commitment; Strive’s annual budget is ~$2M


E3 Alliance: Regional collaborative in Central Texas dedicated to developing a comprehensive, data-driven view of the education landscape. Goal is to better align educational systems and practices to drive higher outcomes for students and ensure a more efficient allocation of resources.

§      ~50 local leaders help implement the strategy

§      All seven local universities, eight school districts, dozens of nonprofits, and hundreds of community volunteers

§      Time in Development: currently in development (2006 – present)

§      Annual Cost to Users: Free, but requires time commitment


San Diego County Childhood Obesity Initiative: Public/private partnership to eliminate obesity through implementation of a county-wide, cross-sector action plan. Includes quarterly knowledge-sharing meetings.

§      Representatives from seven domains: government, healthcare agencies, schools, childcare providers, non-profits, media, and businesses

§      Time in Development:
3 years (2004 – 2007)

§      Annual Cost to Users: Free but requires time commitment


Achieve Quad Cities:  Community collaboration to increase high school graduation rates

Representatives from funding community, school districts and business chambers. 

Time in Development:  1 year

Annual Cost to Users: $200,000 









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